paul armstrong

Hi. I'm Paul. I'm a co-founder and CCO at ChoreMonster, where I draw monsters and farts and design many things that I usually can't show you. I'm a designer with 20 years of experience (I prefer to call it longevity), a photographer hobbyist, a wiseacre.


I have been known to write some films and occasionally act (seriously, I have an actual IMDB page, how crazy is that?), I am a husband and father, I imbibe fine scotch whiskey and bourbon (but not usually at the same time), I once used to a roast fine coffee beans (for myself and others), I am an unfortunate fingernail chewer, a podcaster of ridiculousness, had a short-lived weekend job photographing NFL games, entered several competitive beard contests and occasionally speak to groups of people about things and stuff.


I try to approach everything I do with child-like wonder and absurdity. At some point most of us grow out of playing, yet play is the best and most natural way to learn about yourself, the world and how you fit into the world. There's nothing more paralyzing than the daunting task of not making a mistake. The fear of failure kills creativity. Kids don't have that fear. They're explorers. Tunneling deep into their boundless imagination without worrying if it's true or silly or popular or marketable. I find it endlessly rewarding and challenging to try and harvest some of that mentality. I had it once, which means it's still in me.