Hi. It’s me. And this a page about me.

By trade I’m a graphic designer, which doesn’t mean much anything anymore. Nor would saying I’m a product designer. What I mostly do is (attempt) to lead and manage other designers. I say attempt, because humans are complex, frustrating, beautiful creatures who are somehow both predictable and completely confounding. I also really like potatoes. A lot. And learned in June of 2019 that wheat has trying to kill me (which really sucks because bread is the best and also in literally almost everything, even Twizzlers. TWIZZLERS! Why?).

I have been in the field of graphic design since 1995 (or 1992 or 1988 or whatever you consider the “start” of something, I tend to think of the start of a career as being full-time, paid work, not work done while in school or for fun or free but that‘s just me). I‘ve worked at small studios, as a freelancer for a decade, cofounded a startup, was a director at Ohio‘s one-time largest startup, and now for a huge consumer packaged goods company.

At one time in my life I took a lot of photographs, even won a few contests, was featured in some articles, and had a video made about me. That was ages ago. In my real life I’m a husband, a father, a long time idiot, and a one time baby. How are you doing?